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Many Tumbling class options to suit your needs.

For boys and girls ages 5 and up

For those children wanting to be involved in gymnastics, but don't have an interest in the all around events of bars, beam or vault.  Learn the basics of gymnastics: cartwheels, roundoffs, backhandsprings and on.  Great for cheerleaders who need to progress their tumbling skills as well.

T&T class - Learn the basics needed to one day compete on WGC's Tumble & Trampoline Team.  Trampoline, Rod Floor Tumbling, and Double Mini Trampoline specific workouts.

Beginner Tumbling - This class focuses on cartwheels, backbends, roundoffs, and the basic drills to become a stronger tumbler.

Advanced Tumbling - Already have a great roundoff backhandspring, and ready to take it to the next level?  This is the class for you!  Back tucks, layouts, front tucks, fulls and more!


Most girls wear a leotard. A t-shirt and active wear pants or shorts are OK for boys and girls. We prefer bare feet, but cheerleaders feel free to wear your cheer shoes. For general safety purposes please be sure that long hair is pulled back, and no jewelry. Food, drinks and gum are not allowed in the gymnastics area.

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